BNTP provides complete real estate advisory and management services to our partners including asset, project, property and facilities management services.

Please contact us to discuss how BNTP can help you create exceptional value in your current or planned real estate investment.

Asset Management

BNTP develops investment strategies which appropriately balances risk and return while also considering the cyclical timing of each investment/divestment. More

  • Investment brief advisory
  • Strategy creation and resource allocation
  • Market research and knowledge
  • Concept development/re-development
  • Project analysis and appraisals
  • Risk analysis with mitigation planning
  • Corporate organisational planning
  • Corporate finance and tax planning
  • Project procurement and divestment planning
  • Project commercial optimisation
  • Continuous strategy development


Project Management

BNTP provides comprehensive project and construction management services starting from project conception until completion. More

  • Strategy and concept advisory
  • Resource allocation and management
  • Financial and cash flow management
  • Services tendering and procurement
  • Land/building procurement
  • Client liaison and management
  • Design development and value engineering
  • Planning and design co-ordination
  • Design and technical supervision
  • Construction management
  • Property and facilities management co-ordination


Property and Facilities Management

BNTP is a hands-on local manager who plans for the life cycle of the property while actively managing each property on a daily basis. More

  • General Company and project administration
  • Accountancy and bookkeeping
  • Financial planning and cash-flow management
  • Market research and analysis
  • Strategic and operational marketing
  • Tenant sourcing and brokerage services
  • Sales management – Leasing, utilities and services
  • Client relationship management
  • Legal issues and services co-ordination
  • Property daily management and supervision
  • Purchasing management – utilities and services
  • Facilities daily management and supervision
  • Technical maintenance and repairs
  • Property life cycle functional analysis and planning
  • Property life cycle technical analysis and planning
  • Property life cycle environmental analysis and planning
  • Renovation/re-development project co-ordination


   Finance and Accountancy

BNTP qualified accountants and bookkeepers provide these financial services: More

  • Payroll Outsourcing
  • Fixed Asset Control
  • Budgeting for Cash and Profit
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cost & Inventory Accounting
  • Vendor Master Management
  • Customer Master Management
  • Debtors Control
  • Journal Entry Processing
  • Inter-company Accounting
  • External Reporting
  • Consolidated Financial Reporting
  • Statutory Reporting
  • Management Reporting
  • Variance Analysis - budget vs. actuals
  • Financial Statements


   Technical services

BNTP certified specialists provide a wide range of technical services: More

  •  Heating and hot water systems’ regular inspection
  • Water and waste water systems’ regular inspection
  • Electricity systems’ regular inspection
  • Regular inspection of ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Regular maintenance of the equipment, systems and building elements of the Property
  • Reporting about fixed damages and eliminated defects to technical maintenance supervisor
  • Repairing minor damages of the Property engineering systems
  • Repairing minor defects according to the repair plan