BNTP, Baltic Real-Estate Developments is a progressive real estate investment, development and management company based in Lithuania. The company was established in 2003 and is a subsidiary of Baltic Sea Properties AS, a public listed Norwegian real estate company.

BNTP provides complete real estate advisory and management services including asset, project, property and facilities management for its partners and related companies.

BNTP has a solid reputation and has a highly successful track record for investing, developing and managing real-estate since 2003.

Mission Statement

To provide superior risk adjusted returns from real estate investment with a commitment to professionalism, integrity and respect for our partners and social environment.

Investment Strategy

BNTP invests into value-added commercial development and investment projects in the Baltic region. Each project is appraised individually, addressing a combination of factors including risk, return and cyclical timing. BNTP is generally a long term investor without having a fixed holding period for any investment.

BNTP also invests into land or re-development opportunities for high-end residential development projects.

Partners & Clients

BNTP is interested in joint ventures and partnerships with other investors, financial and public institutions. BNTP can provide project sourcing, financial resources, local knowledge and professional management services to such partnerships.

BNTP provides independent high quality advisory and management services to other investors, financial and public institutions also without having an equity interest in the investment.

BNTP actively sources new clients and currently manages over 70 clients/tenants who lease premises in our commercial projects.

We base our co-operation on professionalism, transparency and mutual trust in order to achieve common goals.